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Biological Degreasing Agent

Biological degreasing agent is currently the world's most advanced biological defatted technology, it is a kind of modern environmental, efficient and professional surface oil cleaning agent with a dual function of surface oil cleaning and oil degradation. With low energy consumption, low cost, high efficiency, high environmental protection and other advantages, the biological degreasing cleaning agent will become the development trend of environmental oil cleaning agent in the future.

1、Application Scope

1Pretreatment of surface degreasing of any substrate, such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper and any other substrate, for electroplating, oxidation and spraying.

2Oil cleaning of high-end products such as precision parts, optical lenses, liquid crystal glass, gold diamond ring.

3Suitable for hanging ,continuous hot-dip galvanized, soaking, spray, etc.

4Cleaning of oil contaminated pavement, such as highway, toll station, parking lot, urban road and so on.

5Cleaning oil contamination, such as motor vehicle, ship, plant equipment maintenance, railway locomotive maintenance and so on.

2Technical Parameters


White powder



Degreasing efficiency2.5g/L,25℃)


Foam height30g/L,25℃)


Working concentration


Working temperature


Satisfied speed of unit


Cleaning Method

brushing, immersion, spray


Biological Degreasing Agent