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Beijing CISRI-NMT Environmental Science & Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “NMT Environmental Technology”) was established in July 2008. It is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of China CISRI-NMT Hi-Tech Group Co., LTD. With the strong support of China CISRI-NMT Hi-Tech Group and National Engineering Lab of Advanced Coating Technology for Metals, it has become an integrated company with business in many fields including "Environmental protection equipments, lightweight high-end parts, new materials, engineering construction, conference host". The company has an experienced design team and R&D team that is mainly composed of master and doctor. It has a New Material R&D Center of Al-Mg-Ti and a Batch Galvanizing Center in Beijing, a Metal Ceramic Center in Zibo and a production base in CISRI base in Zhuozhou. 

As the first enterprise to introduce fully enclosed clean hot galvanizing production line, and the provider, service provider of solution for hot galvanizing environmental equipment system, our company always been sticking to taking "Making us the world-class hot galvanizing environmental equipment system service provider" as our own duty, takes environmental protection technology development as the core of enterprise development. After many years of research and practice, we has developed the fully enclosed clean hot galvanizing production line combining with the world's most advanced hot galvanizing technology. This production line has 11 patents, of which the water mist dust treatment equipment and acid mist (exhaust gas) absorption processing equipment have passed the MA test of Beijing Environmental Protection & Energy Testing Center. This product line makes the waste water, waste gas, waste acid, dust and fume of hot galvanizing production process realize recycling, or achieve the requirements of the national discharge standard after treatment. At present, the environmental protection equipment, production technology and technological level of NMT Environmental Technology have reached the world's leading level and become the innovator and leader in the hot galvanizing industry.

NMT Environmental Technology will always stick to the quality policy of "Stress on quality, credit, practicality, development", adhere to the corporate philosophy of "Unite, innovate, development and win-win". We will make continuous innovation in the profit model through a professional, efficient, united, up and coming, capable team, give full play to the advantages of management and the rapid market response ability, and gradually form a full set of product research and development, production, sales and service system using the "intellect" and "capital" strategy, thus realizing the strategic target of establishing century-old enterprises and making due contribution to the society.