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  • The hot galvanizing service provided by our company includes:

    1) Design, construction, installation and commissioning of hot-dip galvanizing line.

    2) Modification of existing hot-dip galvanizing production line.

    3) Develop and manufacture all kinds of products used to solve common problems in hot-dip galvanizing, including alloy, auxiliary equipment for hot-dip galvanizing and additives for energy conservation and environmental protection.

    4) Provide training of workers for hot-dip galvanizing, including chemical engineering and galvanization, etc.

    5) Provide the latest production process, formulation and technology.

    6) Solve problems of customers.


    1Low investment and low cost.

    2Short construction period.

    3The quality of the equipment is reliable and durable and satisfies with the latest European standards.

    4Equipment and process are easy to operate, low maintenance cost.

    5High galvanizing quality.

    6Advanced energy saving and environmental protection treatment system.

    7Individualized designing will satisfy different requirement of customers.

    Based on the extensive experience in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, our company has successfully designed, built, installed and debugged a number of energy saving and environmental protection hot-dip galvanizing lines for many customers at home and abroad.