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The Training of the Internal Auditor of the Quality Management System


  NMT group invited Mr. Gong Haiju, an expert of Beijing grand honour certification Co, LTD., to carry out a two days training of new version of ISO9001 quality management for all internal auditors from March 21st to 22nd. Deputy general manager Yu Gangqiang attended the opening ceremony, about 20 auditors participated in training.

Yu Gangqiang said that quality is the life of enterprise, every internal auditor should study the new standards, and improve their theoretical level, and apply the scientific quality management system to each department of the daily work, which will make the quality management of our company be more scientific and make the quality of the products and engineering services be further promoted.

In the training, teacher Gong explain the principle of management changes, introduction of the important changes, provisions of the new edition, system of documentation requirements, the focus point of internal audit of the 2015 version of ISO9001 quality management system in detail. He stressed that the change of the standard of the 2015 edition is the transformation of management. We should pay attention to the following aspects: 1) Leadership has become the core of the system; 2) The importance of risk in quality management; 3) Emphasize the all-round application of process method. At the end of the training, the internal auditors have interacted with Mr. Gong in response to the actual problems encountered by each unit in his own work.

  Through this training, we further improve the professional competence of the internal auditors. Meanwhile, make the internal auditors have a clearer understanding of the connotation of the new standard, and have a deeper understanding of the terms of the new standard, laying a solid foundation for change of the company's quality management system.

      The Training of the Internal Auditor of the Quality Management System