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First Enclosure Galvanizing Line Has Been Built


2016 December, The first fully enclosed clean hot galvanizing production line have been designed and manufactured by our Company  in Zhangjiakou City, Heibei Province. The size of zinc kettle is 15m*2m*3m and zinc containing is up to 600T.

This production line has 11 patents, of which the water mist dust treatment equipment and acid mist (exhaust gas) absorption processing equipment have passed the MA test of Beijing Environmental Protection & Energy Testing Center. This product line makes the waste water, waste gas, waste acid, dust and fume of hot galvanizing production process realize recycling, or achieve the requirements of the national discharge standard after treatment. At present, the environmental protection equipment, production technology and technological level of NMT Environmental Technology have reached the world's leading level and become the innovator and leader in the hot galvanizing industry.

  First Enclosure Galvanizing Line Has Been Built


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